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First Cabin Station Abe no Sou

Manager / Deputy Manager / Front Staff

Business content
Hospitality as front staff, facility management, reservation management, part-timers staff education, etc. In addition to the manager, we will leave management of the overall operation.
Employment status
Contract employee (In principle, regular employee will be appointed 6 months after joining)
Applicable to
Manager: Preferential treatment for those with experience in management.
Staff: You can be active without having experience working at the hotel. We adopt hiring people and emphasis on feelings.
Work location
First Cabin Station Abe no Sou
Working hours
Shift system (8 hours production and 60 minutes break)
Working example 8: 00 - 17: 00/14: 00 - 23: 00/23: 00 - 8: 00
※ The shift time will be changed according to the situation.
Considering experience, ability and previous salary, we will decide according to our company regulations.
Treatment · Benefits
Social insurance outcomes (health / welfare pension, employment, occupational injury), commuting allowance etc.

First Cabin Station Wakayama Station

Front Staff

Business content
· Check-in · Check-out service (key delivery and settlement etc.)
· Reception (reception) service
· General reservation support by PC or telephone
· Accommodation data management
· In-house patrol service (simple cleaning of bathrooms and powder rooms, toilets)
· Bet makeup service
・和歌山観光案内やインフォメーション …など
● "I like Wakayama" "I like talking with people" "I want to make use of my language"
"I feel motivated to be useful for someone ..." ...
If you apply even one, please apply!

● Inexperienced people are also welcome! My seniors taught me gently.
Please do not worry because it is not difficult task.

● We will conduct training at the affiliated hotel in Osaka Prefecture for about 2 weeks.
Daily work schedule
[Contract employee (full time)]
Shift system (deformation labor system * average 7 hours 40 minutes a day, with separate break)
※ We are looking for people who can do both night shift and day work!

<Example of shift>
日勤の場合: 8:00~16:40 など
夜勤の場合: 15:00~(翌朝)8:20/17:00~(翌朝)10:20 など
※ The above-mentioned night shift is a shift for two work shifts.
Working hours
1,000 yen

☆ Between midnight allowance separately paid between 22: 00 and 5: 00 (hourly wage × 0.25)
Example: When the hourly wage is 1,000 yen
Per hour: hourly wage 1,000 yen + late night allowance 250 yen = 1,250 yen

<Monthly income example> * Increase / decrease depending on shift
10 working hours per day in a month, 5 night shifts (converted to 2 duties) Working day
Approximately 160,000 yen

Considering experience and age, we give preferential treatment according to our regulations.
Various allowances
Uniform loan
Transportation expenses (within regulations)
Social insurance
Number of annual holidays
104th day
Employee recruitment system based on work schedule
※ Depending on circumstances and hope, change to Hotel Granvia Wakayama etc.
Wakayama Terminal Building Co., Ltd. will be active throughout.
Bonuses available (however, depending on performance)
Annual paid vacation days after 6 months 10 days (according to provision)
Experienced persons favorable (Negative wage etc. Negotiable)
English / Chinese good customer preferential treatment